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April 3 to May 5  Tom Jackson "Facade"  Recent Paintings Artist's Reception:  We are sorry to say it has been canceled due to Covid19 restrictions.

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Past Shows

February 21 to March 31  Destiny Smith "Medusa Dreams of Wonderland" Contemporary Digital Photographs Artist's Reception: February 28 Friday 7 to 10 pm

Jan 10 to Feb 18  Karin Edgett “An Invitation to Shift” Recent Abstract Expressionistic Paintings Artist's Reception: January 11 Saturday 1 to 4 pm

1/11 to 2/5 Joe Krol Landscapes & Oddities”  Artist’s Reception: Jan 26 Saturday 2-4. 

2/8 to 3/12  Lynn FizelMaking Marks”, paintings & fabric collages,  Eric Schwartz, Recent Robot Constructions.   Artists’ Reception: Feb 9 Saturday 2-4.

3/15 to 4/9 Michael Kashey,You Got Me in Stitches”, marvelous hand-stitched quilts.

4/12 to 5/14 Jane Davis, "Redsylvania" Recent Paintings. Artist’s Reception: 4/26 Friday 7 to 9. North Coast Butter Cakes by Tara Gomez sample cake and enter to win a free cake and/or free custom designed cake.

5/17 to 6/18 Helen Tullio, "Something SerendipitousRecent Paintings.  Artist’s Reception: 5/17 Friday 6 to 9.

6/21 to 7/23 Jason Amantangelo, "Optic Stimulation" Painted 3D collages.  Artist’s Reception: 7/12 Friday 5 to 9 pm.

7/26 to 9/10 Rachael Burke, "All Around Me" Recent Paintings, Artists’ Reception: 7/26 Friday 5 to 9 pm.

9/13 to 10/15  Rhonda Peterson, "Passing Through" Recent Paintings.  Artist’s Reception: 9/20 Friday 7 to 10 pm.

10/18 to 11/19 Annoel Krider, “Fragments of Memory”, recent paintings.

11/22 to 1/9/2020 Gail Beem, Lynn Fizel, Greg Zbach, Amy Hahn, Leah HumphriesHiromi Katayama, Fran NoonanJoyce Perowicz "Our Favorite Things" Artist’s Reception: 12/6 Friday 7 to 10 pm.



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