Kaitlyn Page

Kaitlyn Page is a 23 year old, self-taught artist from Pennsylvania.

I enjoy experimenting with all mediums, with my most beloved being a combination of watercolor, pen and ink. Prior to 2013, I focused on graphite realism and digital works of art, spanning back to 2007. My style has changed quite a lot over the years but I have found my spot in watercolor portraiture that conveys depth and emotion. I did not find myself attend college for art, although I had considered it heavily. I decided to dedicate my time exclusively to learning through experience.

 I enjoy exploring depth and meaning behind unity, oneness with self, emotion behind thoughts and feelings, and the forces of energy in conjunction with the universe. Each piece is an expression of how I felt on a particular day or what thoughts were running through my mind in which I found I wanted to convey on canvas, with the colors representing mood and feeling.

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