Art Installation

Glass Growers Gallery offers art selection and art installation services for northwestern Pennsylvania and the surrounding tristate area. Our team will help you develop your personal style for your home or office. We can assist with formulating a budget and a workable time frame. We will prepare a proposal by selecting themes, images, mediums, and frames.

Delivery and installation services are available. We can install on most surfaces with standard hardware or security hardware.

Macro Photography Collection
by Greg Zbach

Marquette Savings Bank

Bicentennial Tower and Brig Niagara
by Patti Larson

Marquette Savings Bank

Nature Photographs
by Greg Zbach

Marquette Savings Bank

Mountain Views with River
by Heather Kanazawa

Richford Arms

Photograph by Darla Graff

Erie Federal Credit Union

Photography by Patrick Grab

Erie Federal Credit Union

Larson Texts

Left: Painting by Ben Gibson
Right: Painting by Hiromi Katayama

Home Installation

by Joyce Perowicz

For Sale at Bricks at the Cashier's House

Shop Bricks

Darla Graff Photography, Belinda Rogers Paintings, Jamie Keim Paintings, Laura Gooley Photography

For Sale at Flagship City Public Market

Shop Public Market

Greg Zbach Photography, John Misterovich Photography, Eddie Mitchell Paintings, Laura Gooley Photography, Jamie Borowicz Painting

For Sale at Flagship City Food Hall

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