Durim Loshaj


    My subject matter is rooted in nature. It’s a broad spectrum, but an endless source of inspiration for making art. This gives me full autonomy to choose what to focus on depending on my interest at the moment. If I’ve exhausted the previous subject matter, my interest may change and I will shift my attention elsewhere.

    The creative process begins with research and observation; gathering information becomes fuel for brainstorming. In addition, taking photos and finding relevant images online is necessary for this process. Every element in my painting is carefully chosen and planted in a way that looks natural and compliments the composition. I use a consistent geometric pattern throughout my painting, combined with nature’s irregular shapes to create an interesting dichotomy. We have a cognitive process that recognizes patterns by matching information from stimuli with information recalled from memory. This evolutionary trait is stimulated when the viewer is scanning the painting, causing an innate connection to the patterns.

    My goal is to simultaneously tie the subject matter, art style, and viewers experience. Once I have finished the painting, I repeat the creative cycle.

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