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Duane Cregger “Among Shared Archetypes”

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in current exhibit, Newsletter | Comments Off

CREGGER_Babel Babble-36x48-2013-small

Babel Babble 36″ x 48″

Duane Cregger “Among Shared Archetypes”

January 9 to February 10, 2015

The themes presented in the paintings center around personal experiences that echo the timeless struggle of individuation and the shared archetypal qualities of human consciousness. These same ideas are described elaborately in the complex writings of Carl Jung and his expositions on the processes of personality development. Cregger’s first forays into painting brought him to Jung’s writings as he sought validation of the experiences that inform his work. The paintings form a personal narrative through abstracted color and line, leaving a history of events that are both individually intimate and illustrative of broader ideas regarding human consciousness and the subconscious.

A secondary theme is rooted in Cregger’s family heritage and the culture of his home. In 1750, his ancestors traveled the Great Road from Pennsylvania to the Blue Ridge Highlands, and there is a deep imprint of the region’s topography and Appalachian culture that has become part of his creative process. The simple and often difficult mountain life of many generations of family, the arguably abstract crafts of quilting and furniture-building, and the paradoxical mix of regional environmental beauty, human poverty, and rich musical heritage: these are things the artist senses or encounters daily. Cregger is in constant reconciliation of this part of his identity with the counterweight of a mostly urban adult life. The dearth of contemporary art expression in the Blue Ridge Highlands calls to him to create work that speaks to the largely unchanged centuries-old Appalachian culture through the lens of rural-to-urban (and back to rural) migr


Cirque II  30 x 40
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