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Richard Sadlier Featured Artist

Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in current exhibit, Newsletter, Show Announcement | Comments Off



On Exhibit from JULY 25 to SEPTEMBER 2

“It Figures”

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2014 Exhibition of New Works on Paper by Richard P. Sadlier

Sadlier is back at the Glass Growers Gallery exhibiting a collection of recent works on paper. His mixed media style (better called combined painting), maintains and combines the spacial geometric certainty of the two dimensional plane used in his past work by using a larger color pallet that punches-up the immediacy of the pieces. Pop imagery is still front and center in most of the work yet there is a less focused figurative representation allowing color to play a more demanding role. There is also a trip to antiquity in some of the pieces. This presence is more of a suggestion allowing the figurative nature of the work to discuss it’s reality with the viewer. This representational style attempts to evoke a warmer intimacy of a pastoral insertion   that works as a depth and perspective element not dominated by the figures. Hopefully, this elementary style allows for a transition of sensibilities when the works are taken individually.

The use of color, shape and form (art as an idea, not simply a realistic representation), is presented simply as such; fewer visual puzzles step forward in these new works. This still involves the viewers’ response however; there is a visual and formal immediacy that demands consideration and makes it necessary that all figurative representations does not have to follow the rule of a reasonable likeness or recognition. The abstractions here a more subtle. Those familiar with Sadlier’s larger paintings may be able to recognize this directional sidestep. Yet the geometric sensibilities allow for those abstractions to be represented in the work by sequence and variation yet maintaining a non-specific direction as to subject.

The work still calls some type of determination simply because of their figurative nature. These decisions are less taxing due to the use of geometry and color that takes the “edge” off and allows for a more easily enjoyed and a not too serious experience. Although the surface of the pieces is worked in less than subtle technique, the representations hold a journey to be experienced through the obviousness of the subject yet still allows for some mystical irony. So, take a closer look and allow the work to speak. This can be done by the individual pieces but….do not forget to look at the exhibition as a whole. Sadlier thinks this would serve to reinforce the impact of the exhibition.  Richard Sadlier July 2014

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