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Andy Farkas Featured Artist 2014

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Newsletter, Show Announcement | Comments Off



Recent color and wood engraving prints in the tradition of Japanese Moku Hanga print making.  


Artist Reception on Gallery Night: March 7 Friday 7 to 10 pm




Andy Farkas is a print and book artist who has been studying and developing his craft for over twelve years. His work has been exhibited internationally and nationwide in numerous galleries and institutions, from which he has received accolades in the form of guest lectures, visiting artist workshops as well as artist residencies for the development of further projects. In addition to his work in the media of woodcut, wood engraving, dry-point, etching and book design, Farkas has also written the accompanying literature for each of his books (listed in order of production:  “Saints in a House of Healing”, “The Inalienable Rights” “Four Stories”, “M. M. & I.”, “hmmm…”, “Crab”, and “River”). He is currently working on two new projects: “I heard this story from a chipmunk I once knew. It starts, ‘in the beginning—’, “His name? I can’t remember his name.” and an as yet untitled work about a mole who loses his gravity. He resides in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife, daughter, two dogs and three cats.

Artist Statement:

Good story is transcendent of time, space and culture; it is humanity’s attempt to understand the world around gives life to the idea, that by experiencing such a story you might understand more, feel some new feeling, revisit some old one or find enlightenment. I have made prints throughout my artistic career, although a more accurate description of my work would be story telling. It is a medium that goes beyond ink, paint, words and music, of which life itself is a tool, and in its best examples make active participants of all those involved in the hearing, seeing, reading, telling, or handling.  Much of the preparatory work is simply a matter of living life and allowing a story to filter from experience through a quiet mind. The creation itself is a quest, the object of which is not immediately known. It is a matter of being led to its conclusion and discovering that which would not have been visible or apparent in any other way. My goal is not to limit where the story might go but to use whatever means necessary to tell it best. Some stories can be told in a single image or a handful of words. Images need not be separate from words nor should they simply reiterate them (or the music or performance) but, when used in tandem, should say more than either would have said on its own. This makes stories powerful metaphors of the individual complicated lives we all live.It is my greatest hope that whoever experience my work come away with any of the most positive of human experiences: hope, truth, joy, peace, resolve, sympathy and enlightenment.

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