The Transformation Print

Andy Farkas


Moku-Hanga Print Unframed 12" H x 9" W The nature of a handmade moku-hanga print: Printed by hand- every copy of each print touches the artist's hand many times. For each color, a hand carved woodblock is carefully dampened and pigmented and then registered and printed by hand by rubbing the back of the print with a printing tool called a baren. This process is repeated for each print and then for every different color block carved for the image; and sometimes the same block is printed multiple times to achieve specific affects or to deepen the color. It is not unusual for each print in the edition to be printed 20 or more times. The nature of the process (hand carved and hand printed) and media (water based pigment) reveal the 'hand of the artist' and as such, minor inconsistencies are evident when viewed over the course of an entire edition of 75-100 prints (equaling 1,500-2,000 hand pulled color impressions per edition). Prints with inconsistencies too distracting or detrimental to the overall image are removed from the final numbered edition. It is impossible however to remove all inconsistencies from every print in an edition and so prints with inconsistencies that do not detract from the overall print are included in the edition. The artist embraces these minor variations which add a depth of character and connection to him and his process.

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