The Storytellers Hardcover

John Corrigan


It is 1876 America. Ulysses S. Grant is completing his second term as president, the Civil War has been over for eleven years, and Sitting Bull's Lakota have just defeated Custer's seventh calvary. But now as rumors begin circulating about a mystical being that is stalking the moonlit skeletons on the battlefield, the US Army begins developing a plan to investigate. A year later, the army dispatches an expedition to return to the Little Bighorn to retrieve the remains of the officers and unearth the alleged mystery behind the rumors. Accompanying the soldiers is a thirty-one-year-old undercover private investigator tasked with interviewing any and all witnesses to Custer's movements and the subsequent battle along the banks of the Little Bighorn. As DelCol searches for men to interview who he hopes will answer all his questions, he is led down a fascinating path into the history of one of the most famous battles of all time- -and eventually to a destiny he never could have imagined The Storytellers is the tale of a private investigator's odyssey as he rides along with the US Army in 1877 to investigate the mysteries surrounding the battle of the Little Bighorn.
503 pages

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