Helen Tullio

Helen Tullio was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.  At an early age, Helen admired her grandmother’s painting and discovered they had a common bond.  At the age of ten, she started private art lessons with Sr. Mary Francis Becker and continued those lessons until she left for college.  She studied studio art at Miami University for two years before continuing her studies at Gannon University, receiving a degree in Business Administration. 

While in college, Helen began painting more in her free time. Many friends began to commission her work.  It was at this time she decided to pursue a full-time career in art.  Helen works within a variety of media: including oil, acrylic, watercolor, alcohol ink, and epoxy resin. Her lifelong love of the water is a constant inspiration.  Much of her work is figurative, but she has recently grown to embrace abstract art, especially through the medium of resin. Helen enjoys working with bright fluorescent colors that pop and bring visual joy into everyday life.

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