Aubrey Reese


    Artist Statement:

    As a self-taught pencil artist utilizing charcoal or colored pencils, I anchor my drawings in realism while sprinkling in a hint of romanticism. My preferred subject matter is the reflection of light.

    Inspired by the great hyperrealists of the world, I explore and systematically study the intricate relationships between each hue of color and between light and shadow. The process of each drawing is a rigorous, disciplined journey in which I appreciate the smallest areas of hidden beauty within the harsh landscape of photorealistic reproduction. Even though each drawing may seem cold and mechanical in nature, they are reflections of my deeper inner emotions of wonderment, awe, perfectionism and exactitude.

    My hope is that, when one views my completed drawings, one may be able to see the beauty that was ultimately unveiled from each rigorous journey.

    Artist Bio:

    A middle-aged healthcare worker who inadvertently abandoned his artistic side for almost two decades due to his career, Aubrey has rediscovered his true passion within the last few years. Outside of drawing, he enjoys his mom’s cooking, drag racing, golfing, beach glass hunting, arm wrestling, collectible card games, local breweries, and cats. He currently resides in Erie, PA.

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