Toni Kelly

    Artist Bio:

    Artist Toni Kelly has always lived in North Western Pennsylvania along the shores of Lake Erie. As a child, Toni was inclined to draw and paint, but her love of drawing and painting nature subjects didn’t come until later in life. After moving into her current home and studio, Toni became an avid gardener, backyard birder and nature hiker, often sketching her flowers, yard birds and landscapes in journals.

    Toni’s art education has been self-directed with independent study, classes and workshops. She learned to paint with watercolor by prominent local instructors with additional study in botanical painting at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Toni is also well known, both regionally and internationally, in the field of Calligraphy and Book Arts having studied under prominent international instructors. Toni began combining calligraphy with her painted images while attending an international calligraphy conference.

    In 2019 Toni participated in a 4 day workshop to study under well known plein air and landscape artist Mark Boedges in Vermont. This helped expand her knowledge of landscapes and light.

    She now portrays nature related images on canvas painting with oils or acrylics. Birds and Landscapes are her main subjects. Her artwork has taken awards in juried shows and invitational exhibitions. Paintings can be found in local galleries and private collections.

    Artist Statement:

    While working in the garden or hiking on a trail I am constantly inspired by nature's beauty, complexity and patterns.

    Mostly working from photo reference and Plein Air sketches I create bird portraits, birds in landscapes, landscapes and wildlife in an impressionistic way to capture their reality.

    My goal is to draw you into the painting by creating depth using color, texture, light and shadow. Beginning with light layers of paint I build up the color and texture with each layer of paint and sometimes applying the paint in an abstract way rather than detail. Part of my process is also using palette knives and mixing mediums such as cold wax into my paints depending on the surface and texture to achieve the impression of the landscape or the feathers of a bird.
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