Tom Jackson


    Tom Jackson grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and graduated from the University of Akron with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. He lives and paints primarily in the Western Reserve region of Ohio. Tom's current full-time work as an artist was preceded by a forty-year aviation career, serving twenty-two years as a USAF pilot and eighteen years flying internationally as a Boeing 747 Captain. 

    Artist Statement:

    My initial interest in art/design was not in drawing and painting. After completing secondary school classes in mechanical drawing (before CADS), I worked as an apprentice draftsman with a leading company in the power generation industry. My primary task was to assimilate details from numerous draftsman and engineers into one large, detailed drawing. This planted the seed to work on a larger scale and gave me an appreciation for getting the details right.

    Facade Series:

    The main challenge with painting a building facade is to alleviate the stark, two-dimensional presentation. Taking advantage of small perspective clues and including foreground objects that overlap can offer some relief. I find the best way to enhance both depth and interest in the facade is the accurate rendering of shadows. The facade series, as well as my other paintings, are normally large, sunlit, and accented with dramatic shadows and contrasted with clean, bold color.

    I don't try to complicate things. No need to search for that edgy hidden meaning or social justice statement in my work. I simply paint because I enjoy the process. I am truly gratified when someone takes a moment to observe my painting and walks away with a smile.


    2023 Membership Exhibition
    Cuyahoga Valley Art Center

    “Tom Jackson is the master of the urban landscape who has a keen eye for the beauty in architectural detail and the shadows that create them.  It’s especially interesting to view his work from a distance for the “gestalt” and then zoom in for the wonderful painterly second course”.  
    -Juror, William “Bill” Peck

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