Tom Hubert


    Tom Hubert is a lifelong resident of Erie, Pennsylvania. He received his BA in Art Education from Mercyhurst University and his MFA in Ceramics and Ceramic Sculpture with a Minor in Photography from the School for the American Craftsman at Rochester Institute of Technology.

    He is a retired professor of art after having taught art at Mercyhurst University for 40 years. He was also chair of the art department for 15 of those years.

    His resume includes over 20 awards in national and regional exhibitions including a Pennsylvania Council of Arts Grant and a National Endowment for the Arts/Mid-Atlantic Art Foundation Regional Fellowship.

    He has had 13 solo exhibitions in the last 20 years and his work has been in dozens of galleries and can be found in numerous collections across the United States.

    Tom’s current ceramic work involves a number of styles, clay bodies, firing methods and even some incorporated wood elements. One series using porcelain involves wheel thrown and hand built additions. Decoration includes sprayed and brushed layers of underglazes, porcelain slip and carved designs, some that are decorative and others incorporate animal or figurative imagery. Carved textures emulate the surface of each creature including the scales on fish and lizards or feathers on birds. Many of the carving tools are altered with files to incorporate the appropriate texture. A variety of glazes provide complex surface and color variations and translucent glazes allow both the underglaze and carving to be subtly revealed. The teapot form is a never ending challenge of form, proportionf and surface interpretations.

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