Laura Gooley

    Artist Statement, Photography:
    My images suggest an alternate reality to the common everyday things we see. Almost depicting a dream, I like to show others how I envision the world, embracing tranquil simplicity, rustic elegance and imperfect beauty as perfect.
    When I look at a landscape I no longer see just the subject in front of me, I see its potential. Peering through the lens allows me to see the beauty beyond the mundane where an image transcends into an emotion.

    "Laura Gooley's photographs do not merely show us the familiar as translated through her viewfinder. She creates fantastic scenes that can best be likened to illustrations from a book of fairy tales. Trees spiral around their root balls, where lighthouses, the Bicentennial Tower and even the Perry Monument might be perched, the panoramas illuminated by incandescent, over-sized moons." Karen Merkle, Writer
    Artist Statement, Jewelry:
    My jewelry designs are inspired by nature made from glass, natural brass & copper, hammered and cut to show the beauty in these elements. All items lead & nickel free, hypoallergenic, safe from toxic chemicals, fully embracing the beauty of nature into wearable art.


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