Kenneth Bownes



    Kenneth Bownes began making wooden spoons in 2016 while working as an engineer at a locomotive manufacturer, although he has had an interest in woodwork since middle school in England.

    The spoons he makes all come from local trees, many of them from the neighborhood he lives in. They are from wood he has “rescued” which might otherwise have been chipped, burned or composted. This is a form of up-cycling and is very low on carbon use.

    He uses hand tools such as an axe, drawknife, bowl knives, gouges and very sharp carving knives to create these spoons and spatulas. They are sanded to make them beautifully smooth before oiling them with natural linseed oil.

    His spoons are intended to be used and so have practical proportions and are made from long lasting woods such as maple, walnut, redbud, rowan and the fruit trees.

    They come with a satisfaction guarantee and when looked after should last a long, long time.

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