Karin Edgett


    Karin Edgett grew up in Erie Pennsylvania, graduated from Edinboro University, and moved to Washington, DC. Some highlights of her career are running her own advertising agency, being a foster parent, co-inventing a
    gadget that monitors sun exposure with NASA scientists, and becoming a “plant-based nutritional foods” chef.

    Karin now works as a contemplative creative. Her mediums include photography, painting, mixed media, printmaking and words.

    “I have assembled this collection of photographs of consciousness of flowers in hopes to share with others the journey they have taken me on.

    “There is an enormous energetic shift taking place on earth right now — one that requires our attention and participation. 

    “Flowers unfold new energy in languages of light, color and pattern, gifting a brand new consciousness of peace and potentiality.”

    -Karin Edgett

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