Karin Edgett

I grew up in Erie Pennsylvania and received a BFA from Edinboro University and then moved to Washington DC to start my career. Eventually I started my own advertising agency which I ran for 20 years. I was also a foster parent. After my advertising agency, I invented a UV wrist band that monitors sun exposure. I also became a certified ‘nutritional’ cook which has taken me around the world, helped me heal from a host of chronic conditions, and has helped me shift. I teach cooking techniques and blog recipes I create that I feel will help others do the same. In addition, I have focused on my deep passion for creating art.

My paintings have allowed me to shift into new patterns, new dimensions, shifts in consciousness. My creative process is an unfolding of my need to change, something calling me always just outside my current frame of reference. I find it comforting whenever I am feeling out of alignment that I can paint my way into a new understanding, however it appears. Poetic words, often haiku, are used throughout my artistic expressions to deepen the experience.

I have three main collections of art that I have been working within – ‘abstract’, ‘truth’, and ‘infinity’. They combine words with art to embody a forward transformation.

In this series of prints, I used the essence of plants as a printing tool, their shape, tannin, intricate patterns, textures, and their naturally grounding energy. On a traditional letterpress, I incorporated fresh grasses and herbs and occasionally leaves with inks to reveal their natural characteristics on paper. The tannin, a naturally brown in hue, released as they were run through the press creating their wild and artistic contributions. The paper is BFK Reeves cotton. They are each mounted on ready-to-hang wooden cradle board. 

My art is an invitation, a fearless untethering to the past, allowing a gentle shift into a higher vibration of energy both individually and collectively. We are not alone, the future is light.  

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