Joanne Loew

    Art is a constant in my life. My parents impressed upon me the importance of art, and educators taught me to really see, to remember, and to enjoy. This approach to looking at art and the world has been the foundation of my creative endeavors.

    I am inspired by myriad sources: memories, dreams, books, friends, and peers. Occasionally I work from life, but most often my inspiration is intuitive and unconscious. I usually approach the canvas without preliminary sketches or a set agenda. I am motivated by color and form and the richness and substance of paint itself. Painting is a personal journey without a map or compass. I paint from a vulnerable and expansive space and then slowly find my way back to the surface through my direct encounter with canvas and pigments. This journey is always a surprise, always exhilarating and often addictive.

    The notion that my uncensored impulses, translated from an inner place into the work itself might “speak” to others moves and inspires me.
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