Jason Amatangelo


    Jason Amatangelo is known for his brightly colored low relief abstract paintings. He likes to call them analog 3-D paintings.  In a world where everything needs to be plugged in, Jason’s paintings give the illusion of 3 dimensions without a wire. Jason’s work has been shown all over the U.S. and received many awards.   

    Jason’s painting process includes many steps and the use of high-tech C&C equipment. Primarily done with an Airbrush, the acrylic paint pops against the contrasting dark backgrounds used in his paintings.  His paintings may look digital but are meticulously made by hand jumping between traditional techniques, CAD and other design software. The layering you see in his work gives each painting its own life.  The image has subtle changes due to the light in the room or the angle the viewer looks at the image.   

    Jason lives in Erie, PA with his wife Linda and 3 kids Austin, Alyna, and Armando.  Jason’s style has been influenced by his work as a Packaging Engineer and owner of a custom packaging company headquartered in Erie.  Every painting is a compilation of Jason’s life, family and career encapsulate in shadow box frame.

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