Fran Noonan

    Fran Noonan creates landscape depictions with influences from the Impressionists, Tonalist, Symbolist.
    Wood…water…stone…growth…moon…sun…shadow…air…day…night and the vague transitions.   Add to these elements paint, canvas, hands, eyes, heart, and mind and you have the seeds of what inspires the creative process. The infinite possibilities nature presents are right in front of us if only our busy-ness did not preoccupy our- selves.  It is my intention to recall these passing moments by interpreting the power of the natural world, keeping its mysteries alive.
    To be initially inspired by a particular scene is just the beginning.   Letting the image evolve on its own - merging the contemplated with the unintended - is how I approach the creative process.
     In the end my aim is to express something from the internal.   The more this is allowed to happen naturally, without trying to control it, the better the result. I believe that, rather than accurately recounting an image, interpreting the effects of shape, color, light, and shadow better captures the uniqueness of the moment that made me stop and wonder at the mystery of nature.  
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