Ellen Paquette

    Ellen Paquette is a native of Warren, Pa and a Juried Artist of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. Along with earning a BA in Art, she spent time studying anthropology and archaeology. Her skill as a painter has been especially showcased in unique animal portraiture, interior decorative painting and trompe l'oeil projects,  spot illustration, and theatrical scenic and costume design.

    She is also a professional Celtic harpist, volunteer therapeutic harpist for Hospice, nature lover, avid enjoyer of the outdoors, and fabric artist who designs and creates whimsical soft sculpture creatures and art dolls inspired by wildlife, mythology and cryptozoology.

    Ellen lives in rural Warren County, PA with her husband, the landscape painter Thomas Paquette, and an evolving cast of animal companions.

    The visual arts are powerful story telling mediums. Just as the artists and artworks that inspire me most lean toward the illustrative, I aim to paint pictures that tell a tale.

    By combining animal portraiture with the elaborate and sometimes symbolic conventions of 15th and 16th century renaissance art and the whimsy of folklore, I hope to create images that convey not only the unique personalities and intelligence of the animals portrayed, but also plant visual seedlings of information that empower the viewer to build their own entertaining biographies for these creatures.

    Some of my favorite topics are combined within my paintings, and one of the most satisfying parts of what I do is figuring out how to make them all work together--animals of many species, folklore, the medieval and renaissance periods of art and history, the natural world, textiles, historic costume, trompe l'oeil techniques, and subtle visual humor.
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