Dorothy Darroch


    Dorothy Darroch, Gray Ghost Glass

    Gray Ghost Glass employs the ancient art of fusing glass to create glass art designs that sing with contemporary beauty.

     Dorothy Darroch began her pursuit of glass designs while creating a mosaic barber pole picture for her son’s new barber shop. The need for additional tools took her to a studio in the Pittsburgh area where she signed up for a beginner class in stained glass. The next style of glass making to try was fused glass. One class begot another and another until Dorothy felt comfortable (brave) enough to purchase her first kiln. 

    The properties of transparency, refraction, and magnification set glass apart from other art mediums. The beauty, vibrancy and durability of fused glass make it a wise choice for display or for everyday use as bowls, trays, platters, picture frames, and more. The lustrous designs reflect the dynamic play of color, tone, and density. The optics of glass can bring the illusion of movement and life to each piece. Each glass design is handcrafted and therefore unique.

    Dorothy’s two Weimaraner dogs keep her company in the studio. The nickname for a Weimaraner is “gray ghost,” thus the name of her company.

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