D. P. Warner


    As a representational painter, I wish to convey sensory perceptions I observe from a subject that has caught my eye, much as a musician tries to interpret the feel of a piece of music.  It can be light, color, contrast, or the sense of space, which might grab my attention.  The subject can be something from our everyday surroundings that may go unnoticed or a pattern of contrast found in an intimate setting.  I enjoy spending time in nature and the great outdoors.  In recent years, I have redirected my primary interest to Plein Air and landscape painting using a wet-on-wet painting technique. This shift brought on a change from acrylic to oil paints. 

    My recent works draw influence from individuals such as the Spanish painter, Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent (particularly his watercolors), Canadian artists Tom Thomson and Canada’s Group of Seven and many others.

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