GGG Artist Interview: Amy Hahn

Introducing Amy Hahn:

Adapted from an article by: Ashley Lesniakowski


Amy Hahn creates award winning one-of-a-kind, hand-cut stained glass mosaics. Using her  background in painting, she uses the same philosophy and approach to her mosaics. Each brushstroke is done with glass instead of paint.


She loves working in cut glass, especially because of the challenges and limitations of the materials. Amy says “ the glass must be carefully chosen from a limited palette since colors cannot be mixed like paint and each piece must serve as an individual brushstroke working in harmony with the surrounding pieces.”


She has spent my life creating memorable pieces of art in a wide array of mediums, including photography, watercolors, acrylics, oils and pastels. Her main focus right now is glass.

Her love of creating beautiful images began as a child, under the guidance of my beloved elementary school art teacher. The education continued at the Columbus College of Art and Design and Kent State University. Her career has included stints as a photojournalist and portrait photographer in Ohio before she began concentrating on painting landscapes and portraits.  




Q: What was the first step you took into art?

A:  “ I have followed a lifelong passion for art by exploring different mediums throughout my childhood, through college and into my professional career.” 


Q: How has COVID-19 impacted your art/ how you complete your projects

A: “ It hasn't affected how I go about creating my art, but it has limited the opportunities to show and sell it. All of the big outdoor shows I attend each summer were canceled in 2020 and the fate of some are still unknown for 2021. Some gallery shows were also limited.” 


Q: How have your past projects influenced your work in glass?

A: “I believe that all mediums I have studied and practiced, such as painting and photography, influence the images I create in glass.”


Q: What drives you to continue doing glasswork?

A: “The unique and ever-changing medium. It is challenging and inspiring.” 

Q: What is your favorite piece - glass or otherwise - that you’ve created?

A: “I can't really pick a favorite. Some pieces are inspired by something I've seen or learned. Others are born out of the ideas and desires of my clients, and it is extremely fulfilling to capture their dreams.”


Q: How do you keep all your projects/supplies organized?

A: “I have a large studio that can accommodate my extensive supply of glass and other materials. Organization comes in choosing the various colors and textures I need for each piece I am working on.” 


Q: Is there anything you miss about other mediums of art?

A: “Working in glass is more time-consuming for me than other mediums. From planning out to cutting the glass to applying it and finishing it, the amount of time spent on one piece can be extensive. I guess, if anything, I miss being able to produce a work of art in a quicker fashion.”


Q: What is something that you wish more people knew about your art?

A: “The challenge in finding the right colors for a piece. Unlike paint, which can be mixed to get the right shade, I am limited at times by what colors are available. It is not uncommon for me to redo a section of a piece several times before I find what I consider to be the right mixture of colors.”

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