10" Mirror Bohdi Aqua Orange

Zetamari Mosaic Works

This glass mosaic mirror is from Zetamari's Bohdi mirror line that feature glass bubble picture tiles of richly hued and whimsical scenes. The Bohdi tree is the tree under which Buddha sat when he received his enlightenment. Bubble pictures will vary but the color scheme will remain the same. Color: This mirror features orange/red bubble glass picture tiles framed by aqua metallic glass tiles. Accent beads of yellow, aqua, and red create a vibrant and fun energy. Lovingly handmade to order and signed by Zetamari artist, Angie Heinrich Dimensions: include mirror & frame Materials include hand-shaped Italian glass, glass beads and metal on a wood base Lightweight and easy to hang with D-ring hardware and coated wire Wipe frame clean with damp cloth, mirror cleans with regular glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth 10" Diameter

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