Frequently Asked Questions


Do you grow glass?

We wish we could. It would be magical. But our name refers to the process we first implemented when we created our terrariums, light fixtures, and windows. We made them out of clear glass and silicone using geodesic and quartz crystalline formations. When they sat drying on our studio tables they looked as if they grew from the shards of glass around them.

Did you make all of this stuff yourself?

Not really. Wish we could, but it would take multiple studios with various kinds of equipment and skills. That said, we are dedicated to displaying works of the American professional craftspeople. These people make the variety of heirloom pottery, jewelry, sculpture, and more that are regularly featured at our shop. Not to mention the many fine artists that have fervently devoted their life to painting, sculpting and photographing so we all can enjoy their vision of the world.

Can you commission an artist to do work for me?

Are you kidding? Of course! When you see a work of art and wish it was another size, orientation, subject matter, or color palette, talk to us. At first, it may sound like a dicey deal, but it’s not really. We hold your hand through the process from conception, deciding on size, materials, and framing, thumbnails, to the finished piece, the delivery, and the installation. Often, if you find you don’t like it, you don’t always have to keep it! Also, we provide accurate record keeping for your art files to establish provenance, scholarship, and historical reference. You never know unless you ask, so ask away! 

Can you customize a gift for me?

Customization is our middle name. Since 1974, we have created many custom gifts for various individuals and companies. Give us your logo or your message and we will help you create the perfect one of a kind or multiple custom-made gifts. From blown glass paperweights, fused glass window catchers, ceramic sculptures, and more. Give us a call, text, message, or email today to discuss what your vision and budget are. We will do our very best to make it a reality.

Do you do corporate awards?

With pleasure and aplomb!  Whether it's for a retirement, a donor, a promotion, or an annual award, we do it. We are dedicated to promoting the artists and craftspeople that have many skills in various mediums. Whether it is glass, clay, wood, paper, or metal, we can give you the award you would like to receive and therefore be proud to give. Give us a call, text, message, or email today to share your ideas and budgetary plans! When the ceremonious day comes, you will be smiling from the start!

How can I submit art to GGG?

  1. Email us at
  2. Send your bio and/or artist statement.
  3. Send at least three images of available works.
  4. Include Description, Title, Size, Medium, Weight, and Price.
  5. We will respond and let you know if we want to review your work in person.