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We refer to ourselves as the GGG Gals and we are here to make sure you are matched with the perfect artwork for your space and/or gift for your loved one (or for yourself - no judgment here!)

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Emily Ernes

Emily is from Geneva, Ohio and she obtained her BA from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, where she studied Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology. She has made Erie her home since 2014 and works as Associate Director in the Office of Global Admissions and Outreach at Gannon University (GU). While working at GU, she also studied and earned her MPA degree in 2017 and her MBA degree in 2020. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and artistic leanings and loves learning about other people, cultures, and meaningful forms of creative expression.

Emily Ernes purchased Glass Growers Gallery (GGG) from its wonderful founder and dedicated owner of 46 years, Deborah Vahanian, upon her retirement in September of 2020. Emily believes GGG is a special, magical place and strives to carry on its legacy in a way that honors its past and continually renews its offerings while staying true to its distinctive culture of openness, creativity, and authenticity.

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Suebee Martin

Suebee Martin is a Gannon grad with a BS in management and an Edinboro University grad with a BFA in applied media arts. She is a blithe spirit who brings insight, friendship, a distinct modality, and focus to the opportunities that present themselves daily. She applies her skills to building customer relationships, special orders, and a stronger online presence through inventory management. She has been at GGG since 2010.

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Noreen Finn

Noreen Finn is a BFA Edinboro University grad who has worked at GGG since 1998. She has a keen sense of presentation, skillfully developed customer and craftspeople relationships, and fine-tuned sensibilities within the community at large as well as within the world of GGG. She is also a very competent creative artist and practical, purposeful, prodigious mother.

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