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 In 1974, Glass Growers Gallery (GGG) opened its doors to showcase the work of John and Deb Vahanian. They took flat sheets of glass and made 3D objects: Geodesic domes, zomes, and quartz crystal shapes that became part of kinetic sculpture, terrariums, light fixtures, and windows. The name “Glass Growers” has its roots in that process. After learning they were dealing with toxic materials, Debby stopped “growing glass” and expanded the gallery’s representation of regional fine art and professional American crafts.

In 1982, GGG relocated to a renovated church building at 701 Holland St. In that spacious 2 ½ story building, Deb Vahanian began curating annual shows: Quilt, Watercolor, Kaleidoscope as well as other unique shows like the History of the Bicycle, the Carousel, Joseph Plavcan Student Retrospective, International Images, Women in Transition to name a few. GGG thrived there until 1999. At that time the Erie Art Museum planned to expand. GGG chose to be its neighbor. Here we offer quality & distinction in the form of regional fine art & gifts, curated corporate art installation services, and made-in-America custom awards & gifts. GGG’s staff shares the intention to grow culture, celebrate imagination, & create a vibrant personality to the community.

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Deb Vahanian

Vanessa Vahanian Moneta

Noreen Finn

Sue Martin

Jessica Annunziata


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