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Glass Growers Gallery is more than Glass more than a gallery, it’s also a gift shop. We showcase functional American Artisan handcrafts of Jewelry, Pottery, Glass, Socks, Wood, Metal, and more. Whether you want to spend $20 or $20,000 you will find the gift that will show you care.

Glass Growers Gallery offers Art.
We make your life easier and more beautiful by presenting a refined selection of paintings, photographs, sculpture, & collages. We can form a budget, select appropriate art, frame it, deliver it, install it and catalog it for you. When you want to refurbish a space, reinvigorate your staff, & revitalize client interest, contact us. We will help you convey your sublime and distinct personality.

Glass Growers Gallery offers distinct Awards and Personalized Gifts. When it is time to honor someone, honor them with a made-in-America award or gift. We will design, fabricate, personalize, package, gift wrap and ship your gifts. We help you create an appreciation for the finer things by giving them the distinction they deserve.


Drop in and see what we can do to brighten your life!




Meet the Staff


Deborah G. Vahanian

Deb Vahanian has owned and operated this gallery/gift shop since 1974. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Edinboro University with a BA in Art History. She completed some graduate courses towards her master’s in art history with a focus on fetishism over three sociological perspectives: structural functional, symbolic interaction, and feminism. She is also a USPAP qualified appraiser and a member of the American Society of Appraisers.

Contact Deborah G. Vahanian at Deb@glassgrowersgallery.com

Sue Martin

Sue Martin is a Gannon grad with a BS in management and an Edinboro University grad with a BFA in applied media arts. She is a blithe spirit who brings insight, friendship, a distinct modality, and focus to the opportunities that present themselves daily. She applies her skills to building customer relationships, special orders, and a stronger online presence thru inventory management. She has been at GGG since 2010.

Contact Sue Martin at  Sue@glassgrowersgallery.com

Noreen Finn

Noreen Finn is a BFA Edinboro University grad who has worked at GGG since 1998. She has a keen sense of presentation, skillfully developed customer and craftspeople relationships, and fine-tuned sensibilities within the community at large as well as within the world of GGG. She is also a very competent creative artist and practical, purposeful, prodigious mother.

Contact Noreen Finn at Noreen@glassgrowersgallery.com

Jessica Annunziata

Jessica Annunziata is an NYU grad. She is back in Erie to create cultural experiences for the community, assist GGG in its web presence, social media, and our in-store ambiance. She heightens our awareness of human nature, particularly women's issues of voice and equality. She has been with GGG (off and on) since 2007.

Contact Jessica Annunziata at Jessica@glassgrowersgallery.com

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