Thomas Ferraro

“Through my eyes, all art is an abstraction. Reality is only found in nature and the experience of our existence. My work deals with the emotional narrative of my experience using imagery based on the people, places, and events of my life. Compositions are arranged around formal elements of light, color, and shape in ways that reflect my relationship to the world and objects around us. 

“Figures and landscapes are often my favorite subject matter. Their presence, however, does not guarantee a clear interpretation of a scene at hand. Often times, this is left to the viewer, who has the opportunity to insert their own narrative.

“My art goes beyond the literal interpretation of a work and is designed to fuel abstract thought. It is my way to help clarify the reality that is my world.”

Thomas Ferraro is an exhibiting artist, teaching artist, painter and cultural advocate who lives and works in Erie, Pa. He is currently the co-director of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artists Association and is involved in many initiatives related to the arts including education and community development, including Culture Spark and Erie Vital Signs.


Artist Statement for Curiosity Exhibit:

"My work explores the complexity and commonality of our human identity as we navigate the uncharted challenges of the 21st Century. I am fascinated by our everyday interactions in both the natural and built environment. These paintings are a selection of works produced over the past two years that explore my curiosity found in both the forced isolation of a pandemic and a need to seek out isolation in the solitude of nature."

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