Ryan Groney

Born in Harborcreek, PA I did not initially jump into photography as my first go at the arts. I started with a love of playing guitar and metal working. It wasn’t until a simple point and shoot camera of mine died that I decided I wanted to get a serious upgrade in the camera department. From that point on I knew this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’m constantly exploring new areas and technology within photography and do not want to limit myself to a single style.

My images tend to stray away from the traditional as I like to inject an otherworldly and fantastical element to some of them. I enjoy spending almost as much time in Photoshop doing digital darkroom work as I do shooting.  If I can make someone stop for a moment and question how my photo was made or wonder about the scene they are seeing, I feel I have done my job. I am not as interested in capturing life as realistic as I can but as artistically as I can, the way I want to view it and the way I want to share my vision with the world.

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