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Michael Hull

As a painter, my work incorporates the world we see around us in original, unique, and colorful ways. I use this as a basis to invoke emotion and inspire others. I consider my work to be mostly abstract with realistic recognizable elements. I use bold and extreme color variants with direct lighting to create dramatic scenes with an emotional response that stands out on canvas. Using bold and loose paint strokes, I try to give a feeling of movement and texture within the work with my subjects tending to be mostly elements within the world around us, such as, animals and landscapes.
I started drawing beginning in grade school because of inspiration from a fellow current artist and started painting because of inspiration from artists such as some of the great classic artists Monet, Manet, and Picasso. These artists with their extreme lighting techniques and abstract-like loose brush strokes still holds true in my work today. I have always had a creative nature and seemed to look at the world in a different way than others. Everything in the world around me has an element of creation that I wanted to include within my own creations and I continued to develop as an artist on my own and throughout grade school and high school by trying to perfect my technique and develop my own style.
My style has changed throughout the years as I have developed and discovered my true self. I went from more of a realistic, strict, confined style to more of a loose and abstract approach. My goals as an artist have developed throughout the years as well. As a young artist, I believe I created more for others as I was learning and now, I create more for myself as I have come to realize that in creating, I am able to express my emotions and invoke feelings in my paintings. Although there are elements of me wanting to invoke feelings and emotions in others, it is my outlet and my way of communicating what I feel to the outside world with an insight into myself.
The process of my work is sometimes erratic as I don’t always follow “the rules”. Sometimes the sketch comes first and sometimes the ideas flow directly to the canvas. I use mostly acrylic paints as my technique is fast and I prefer the fast-drying times of acrylics. I rarely mix colors and usually use them direct from the tube layering the colors if needed as it is faster for me, gives a bolder more pigmented color, and gives me more texture on the canvas. I build lighter to darker usually on the canvas with the only exception of detailing highlights in the end.
My goal for my art is to inspire and invoke emotions in others but mostly as an outlet and inspiration for me in this life to appreciate and love the world around me and enjoy this life to the fullest. Art in general no matter what form should give us the definition of the human life and the human condition. “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” - Thomas Merton. My wish as an artist is to have all people be able to enjoy my work, to be able to get lost within its creative soul, and bring different feelings of emotion within the person all while bringing inspiration to create and marvel within that creation.

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