Eve Campbell


    Eve Campbell explores both internal and external influences in her paintings. Her paintings evoke emotion and reflections of daily life, as well as past memories and influences. Memory and emotions are influences in her works, as well as common everyday experiences. Daily influences and observations are both key in her works. She connects elements and ideas in her works, which are often mysterious and captivating to the viewer. Some works have a sense of moodiness, which can be evoked through the gaze of a figure or perhaps through color of a landscape.  

    Her figurative work conveys a moodiness and strong sense of emotion. Each painting is a snapshot into external characteristics of the individual as well as internal. The essence of the person is captured through the use of color, value, line, shape, and expression.

    She also plays with design as an element in her works and manipulates shapes, creating an appealing push and pull. Shapes are skewed, lines are played with, and pattern is established in some works to create a sense of mood in the works. This is part of her process which is continually evolving. She keeps the process open and playful in her works.

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