Doreen Currie

Doreen Currie is a fourth generation native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania who still resides on a portion of her great grandparent's farm. Growing up in the country, Doreen has enjoyed the beauty of gardens, rolling hillsides, forests and country landscapes. She loves painting still-life subjects --especially fruit and flowers and recently farm life too.  Since acquiring a second residence in Fenwick Island, Delaware, she has begun to paint life at the beach.

Doreen studied graphic art and design at Seton Hill College in Greensburg Pennsylvania and early in her career created landscapes and still life paintings using oils and acrylics. She later transitioned to watercolor media and has studied with many well artists of renown. Being able to switch from one media to another, depending on the subject gives more painterly freedom to the artist. She is more interested in ascribing feeling into a painting than a painting a perfect rendition. She feels one remembers a painting because of how it makes you feel rather than what it describes.

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