Destiny Smith

Photography is how I communicate. It helps me understand the world. My camera is my personal lifeboat and saving grace. All that life has to offer be it passion, sorrow, memory or joy can be expressed through a photograph.

I have been using a camera since I was 6 years old. Those first photos were of the things around me, a shopping cart or a plastic dinosaur. Today my art is an expression of my inner struggles and understanding or lack thereof about life.

My current photographic body of work is an expression of a several year struggle with personal loss and deep depression. Just as Alice is accused of madness and medusa cursed for a crime she did not commit we are left to find our own way and use what power we have as we see fit. Creating this body of work is an expression of my decent into the darkest places of my being and using my creative power to find my way out of the horrors of “wonderland”.

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