Branching Out: A GGG + LEAF Collaborative Art Show


We’re so excited to partner with our friends at LEAF, the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park for this exhibit. 10% of proceeds from the show will be donated to LEAF to help with ReLeaf- their county-wide tree-planting initiative that will plant 275,000 trees for each resident of Erie County. For more information on LEAF’s tree planting project, visit

“My photography suggests an alternate reality to the everyday things we see in nature. Almost depicting a dream, I like to show people how I see the world, which essentially is embracing tranquil simplicity, rustic elegance, and imperfect beauty as perfect. I also make unique & simple jewelry with glass along with brass & copper, hammered and cut to show the beauty in natural elements.” -Laura Gooley 

“I investigate my deeper cultural roots through the study and use of nature in a traditional Japanese art form.” -Hiromi Katayama

“I grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania and the forest has always been there for me- for play, exploration, and discovery. I think everyone feels some kind of connection or reverence for nature and the outdoors. What could be a more universally positive symbol than a tree? As a landscape painter and drawer, I have been privileged to spend time contemplating the simplicity and complexities of trees. They can be towering monumental forms or tiny fragile wisps. Rendering a tree is a balancing act between seeing the overall shapes and forms while remembering the small pieces, twigs, leaves and textured surfaces that it is made of. It is always rewarding to study the bold yet elegant structure of a tree. I am honored to be a part of this exhibition in the celebration of trees and in promoting the ReLeaf initiative.” -Jason Floyd Lewis  

“Trees! These quiet giants, so exuberant and majestic; how grand and noble they are! Their astounding beauty inspires us artists to express the most glorious praise possible by including them in our artwork. Like them, I strive to capture the exuberance of warm sunlight. This magical energy force, like our arboreal friends require, calls out to be acknowledged for all they do for us. From a crib to a coffin, from a paint brush to the very air we breathe; they bear a prominent part during our entire lives. My heart is completely replete with gratitude for these tree-mendous entities!” -Eddie Mitchell

“The planting of trees in the ReLeaf initiative is a very welcome idea to me. The value of trees for our planet is great, especially considering the challenge of climate change and our inadequate efforts in dealing with it. In addition, trees have always been a recurring subject in my art. In some of my recent works, a tree or a trunk of a dead tree is the primary subject, and may resemble or represent a human figure.” -Dennis Revitzky

“Trees have been an integral part of my life from climbing adventures when I was younger to admiring and appreciating them as I became older. I have fond memories of mom taking us for walks to our favorite tree that branched out over Lake Erie where we would sit to eat lunch perched over the water. It is an honor to be an invited artist in this exhibition and I have included at least one work representing each season. I hope this show and the ReLeaf program increases awareness of the importance of trees to the environment.” -Greg Zbach

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